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Advanced Premier Physicians ACO

Our organization connects physicians, Medicare Fee-for-Service patients, health plans, businesses, and the greater community, thereby, weaving a web of good health. This web is woven and reinforced through a commitment to local medical coordination, education, wellness, innovation, a team approach, and the delivery of quality, accessible, and affordable health care.

About us

Who We Are?

Advanced Premier Physicians ACO was formed as a new entity earlier this year but many of the ACO participants have been participating in Advanced Premier Physicians ACO which has been in existence since 2014.

What We Do?

Our mission is to provide high quality services to our participating physicians and facilities. As well as quality health care to our Medicare Fee-for-Service patients.

What We Offer?

Advanced Premier Physicians ACO proudly offers high quality services to its participating physicians. Including, competitive capitation rates, customized eligibility and capitation reports, complete in-house credentialing, free health education material upon request.


Advanced Premier Physicians ACO's Management Information Systems provides such technology and supports clinical operations. Aside from the typical enterprise-level products, one of the major applications utilized at Advanced Premier Physicians ACO is ChoiceOne EHR, among others.

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